Loose tomatoes or vine tomatoes, every tomato that leaves our halls is brimming with flavour and health.

They have firm flesh and their colour is even all over the surface. Thanks to their regular shape, lack of deformities and blemishes, they are very popular to critical consumers.

In 2005, specials were added to the standard range


Tomato varieties

Since 1995 top quality produce receives the Flandria quality label. This ensured more segments and better service to the customer.

Each tomato is classified according to grade, flavour and texture. Every segment is easily recognisable by its own packaging.


Only top quality produce receives the Flandria quality label. This ensures that the tomatoes are grown with respect for people and the environment.

Our cooperative is a leading company in the tomato business. With year-round produce and a broad range of products we sell more than 100.000 tons of tomatoes.

Tomatoes Recipies

Creation of "Ti amo" filled with a sauce of fresh tuna and chopped olives

  • cook fresh tuna in fish stock with sprigs of basil and sea salt and let it cool.
  • remove seeds from Ti amo, and cut flat at the bottom, but not open
  • chop the fresh herbs and ol

Entree | Easy

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