Mission and Vision

With our mission "Together shaping a sustainable future in fresh fruit and vegetables through craftsmanship and high-quality services", Coöperatie Hoogstraten makes it clear that it wants to stand for more than just an auction.

The core business will, of course, continue to be the commercialisation of fresh fruit and vegetables for its producers, but customised services are becoming increasingly important. And Coöperatie Hoogstraten wants to excel in these. In the coming years, Coöperatie Hoogstraten will focus strongly on expertise in order to be able to provide better information and an optimised service to both its producers and its customers. And it wants to do this in a sustainable context, with attention to People, Planet and Profit. Because a healthy company looks after its employees, partners and the planet. And we want to achieve this together. Cooperative working is in our genes, and will always be our starting point for decisions.

More than ever, the cooperative wants to be a quality reference and an expert in fruit and vegetables. With its ‘Hoogstraten, Home of Quality’ brand, Coöperatie Hoogstraten wants to profile itself as a reliable partner within the sector.

Corporate values

Our identity is based on these 5 core values: