Food safety starts at the source: the producer. Because every grower grows his fruit and vegetables according to strict quality labels. The strawberries are sold under the Hoogstraten brand, and the greenhouse vegetables are marketed as Flandria.

Our job at the cooperative is to make sure the delivered produce ends up in the proper quality class and to preserve their quality through optimum conditioning. Also, in the interest of food safety we strive for optimum traceability. Our certifications are an ironclad guarantee in this regard.




Shelf life inspection

Hoogstraten checks all fruit and vegetables immediately on arrival. But we also focus on internal quality. This allows us to continuously monitor the shelf life of the products (per grower and field) using samples in special storage units. Feedback of the result goes back to the grower.

Residue analysis

Every year we analyse hundreds of residue samples via multi-screening. In addition, tomato samples are analysed for ethephon by way of pre-harvest sample.

The products are also checked for residues of crop protection products, and periodically for the presence of contaminants and microbiology. This inspection is conducted under the supervision of the Knowledge centre for Sustainable Horticulture (KDT).

Quality labels

The Product & Quality department takes care of the safeguarding of the product's quality and the food safety. Every product is grown according to strict quality labels, of which quality is a key component. The strawberries are sold under the Hoogstraten label, and the greenhouse vegetables are marketed as Flandria.

All our products are also grown according to precise specifications. They guarantee food safety as well as environmental awareness. Compliance with the specifications by the food production facilities is verified through external audits.

Hoogstraten is also IFS FOOD certified. Proof that the auction follows procedures in all its processes.


Relevant information about the cultivation, the producer, the fields and the delivery are precisely registered. This makes it possible, for any product, to trace the origin and processing prior to harvesting. If there is a problem the cause can be quickly determined and neutralised.

Traceability can also work upstream. Each purchase is administratively linked to a product supply flow when sold. In this way, we can trace back from the source of supply to a specific delivery at the auction.