At Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv we do a lot more than sell fruit and vegetables. We are all about getting an honest price for delicious products, whether they are strawberries, tomatoes or peppers.

Our crops are grown with great passion on fields and in greenhouses around us, and we make sure that all those trays of fresh fruit and vegetables reach their destination. Does it exceed, after considerable tasting and testing, all the strict criteria? If so we distribute the products - to well beyond our national boundaries.

Our strawberries are renowned far and wide, but Hoogstraten offers much more. We regularly surprise the market with new products...

From Strawberry to Sweet Cherry tomato

The ideal seedbed for fruit and vegetabels? Working with people with an eye for quality, innovation and sustainability. This is the type of relationship we have with growers, clients and suppliers. Our fruit and vegetables must meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Historically speaking, strawberries are the most popular product of our cooperative. To date, they still account for 50% of our turnover. Did you know that one third of all strawberries sold at Hoogstraten are grown in the Netherlands? This is the direct result of our long-term collaboration with CLTV Zundert.

Tomatoes are a good second. In 2005, we expanded our standard range with new and surprising products: the so-called ‘specials’. Thanks to their success, the range has kept expanding ever since. Meanwhile, these specials have earned their place in many a lunchbox as a healthy snack.

The bronze medal goes to peppers, more than half of which are grown just across the border in the Netherlands.

Together, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers account for 97% of our turnover. The remaining 3% is taken up by cucumbers, berries and other small products.

Year-round enjoyment

Whether used to bring flavour to a summer salad or served as an hors d’oeuvre during the festive season: a tomato always hits the spot. Thanks to a fine example of innovation, both our Belgian tomatoes and our delicious strawberries are available year-round. Even during the cold winter months. An innovative lighting-based cultivation technique, expert knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm are the main ingredients of these unique products