Growers are the first link in the sustainable chain. We support them with targeted advice about the use of staff, food safety, the use of natural resources, CO2 reductions and profitability.

People. Planet. Profit.

Our growers often work with immigrant seasonal workers. They offer them support in every respect (welcome, administration, etc.). This increases the involvement with the company. Growers also pay considerable attention to the training of their staff: first-aid, Dutch on the shop floor, illness, etc.


All members make an effort to reduce their ecological footprint with full conviction. They do this with innovative systems such as heat pumps, energy screens, solar boilers, etc. But a good dose of common sense will also get you a long way: our growers make grateful use of rainwater that is collected in silos and reservoirs.


We make it a point of honour to communicate about our production process with full transparency.  

Rewarded with a quality label!


Hoogstraten received the Responsibly Fresh sustainability quality label. Watertight proof of our growers' excellent work. Because every product that bears the quality label comes from growers who have chosen for:

  • a limited environmental impact
  • a healthy ecosystem
  • a short chain
  • an economically justified growing process