Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv is an important link between producer and buyer in the fruit and vegetables fresh chain. We offer an extensive package of services to both members and customers.  

In addition to the actual trading of the products Hoogstraten is also responsible for the quality policy and communication. The auction also provides technical and logistics support such as the storage of strawberry plants, our pepper sorting machine, or the start of the cold chain. 

At your service

We seek to optimise product handling through continuous investments in automation projects. For instance, the stacking machine allows the seamless stacking of one pallet per minute, making the work less physically challenging and resulting in a substantial gain in time for the cooperative.

Our internal logistical system is fully computerised. As a result, all the products we trade can be traced and all logistical movements can be monitored online.

The Hoogstraten organisation distinguishes itself by its own investment in small packaging facilities. The department combines flexibility, efficiency and quality assurance to offer all products in a market-based way.

We have our own department for designing cartons to pack products. In cooperation with Euro Pool System, reusable crates are washed at Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv.


Together works

Our main ambition is to put safe and healthy food on the market at the best possible price for our members. To fulfil this task to the best of our ability, we work closely with other organisations who also strive for the highest quality. Other cooperatives can sell their products here (and vice versa) without any of the growers being members. This type of guest auction is clearly very effective: we have been mixing our own product offer with that of other cooperatives since 1996.

Advantages of this economy of scale

  • Interesting quantities are marketed at a fair and transparent price
  • Promotion of strong brands with a wide audience
  • Optimum quality and food safety

With regard to research & development we work closely with Research Centre Hoogstraten (PCH), which conducts hands-on scientific research into strawberries, tomatoes and peppers. The centre also offers advice and trainings for growers.

There is also LAVA (Logistical and Administrative Auction Association), the umbrella organisation or cooperative of Belgian fruit and vegetable auctions. LAVA manages Flandria, the Belgian fruit and vegetable quality label.

The Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives (VBT) acts as the contact for the horticultural sector through consultation, representation and support.