Not every product benefits from the same sales technique. But the aim is always the same: sell at the best possible price, in total transparency.

That is why we use both clock auctions and intermediary sales.


Unique in the world

1. Clock auctions


First, all products are inspected and classified into uniform quality blocks.


After cooling, the products, together with similar products from the other Flemish auctions, are offered for sale via a simultaneous clock auction. This system is the only one of its kind worldwide.

Every buyer at one of the Flemish auctions is able to buy the product from every auction.


The system now also includes a home-buying system. You can now also actively take part from your office, online.

Playing it safe

2.Intermediary sales


Part of the forecast production is offered for sale, at a fixed price. This allows special offers, for instance, to be pre-sourced.

And in 2005 Hoogstraten began selling specials. They are usually sold by mediation through the Hoogstraten sales team (weekly prices and long-term contracts), but sometimes also in clock-based auctions.

Directly from the grower

3. Advance sales full trucks


This system for vine tomatoes has supported the simultaneous clock auction since 2009. Buyers are able to buy a product in a specific packaging one day prior to loading at auction. The tomatoes are approved and loaded directly from the grower.

The advance sale simplifies the logistics organisation of both auction and growers. And the time between harvest and sale in the store is shorter. This solely benefits the quality and freshness of tomatoes.