At the beginning of 2016 Veiling Hoogstraten cv changes her name into Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv. The use of “coöperatie” in the name indicates a clear strategy aimed at pooling resources while leaving room for individual entrepreneurship, and underlines the importance of mutual collaboration in a constantly changing entrepreneurial environment. We are now positioning Hoogstraten as a corporate brand in the market, with Europe as its action radius. Every day, Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv translates the cooperative ideal into its key values: trust, expertise, passion, health and customer focus. These values are given shape in a new, fresh and contemporary house style.

Over the coming years Hoogstraten will continue to hire experienced personnel (with special attention for disadvantaged groups), in depth-investments in infrastructure, direct communication with producers and customers and the development of its own identity.

The auction house continues to aspire to a sustainable business management. We resolutely opt for a rational use of energy (residual heat, waste recovery, etc.).