Thank you for buying our Hoogstraten strawberries! We hope that you enjoyed their taste, because our growers and their staff do their very best every day to ensure the very best quality. The growers app not only helps you identify who grew your strawberries, but also enables you to ask any questions you may have.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Who produced my strawberries?

You can find and contact your strawberry grower through the growers app. We welcome this approach, as we are keen to know how your strawberries tasted.

Where are Hoogstraten strawberries produced

he Hoogstraten cooperative is based in Northern Belgium, where more than 30 million kilograms of strawberries are marketed under the Hoogstraten label each year. Most of our growers are based in the Hoogstraten area of Belgium, while some are just over the border in the Netherlands, where we work together with our colleagues at CLTV Zundert. We also have a number of growers who market their strawberries from Waasland (i.e. Beveren, Melsele) under the Hoogstraten label. They are, however, all grown according to Hoogstratens strict standards and regulations.

Are Hoogstraten strawberries grown organically?

Although Hoogstraten strawberries are not sold as being grown organically, this does not mean that our growers do not make every effort to produce them as organically as possible. They realise it is imperative that they incorporate the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), and opt for prevention, monitoring and observation, only using plant protection products when and where necessary. In the first place, they use natural deterrents, such as predatory mites that will destroy damaging insects. Despite the very best care, growers are not immune to plagues, diseases and weeds. In choosing the treatment used, a Responsibly Fresh grower will combine different techniques in order to do just what is necessary to guarantee the quality of the fruit, while at the same time limiting any environmental and economic damage.

How are Hoogstraten strawberries grown?

This depends on the grower and the season. Strawberries are available all year round, and growers use different methods, such as forced lighting in winter, heated greenhouses, polytunnels, open air, etc. The taste and quality remain the top priorities!

What types of Hoogstraten strawberries are available?

The colour and taste nuances of our strawberries vary according to type, but they are always shiny red, substantial and juicy. The favourite variety remains Elsanta, which dominates supply to a large extent, but is not the only variety we produce. The demand for varieties such as Sonata, Sonsation, Limalexia and Murano is increasing, with new varieties being tested on the growers land under the guidance of the Hoogstraten Research Centre.

Whats the best way to keep strawberries?

If you do not want to use the strawberries straight away, take them out of their containers and put them in a colander, so that air can circulate around them. Put the colander in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. You can also spread them out on kitchen paper and lay them in the fridge. Whichever method you use, they will last for a further 2-3 days. Its also possible to freeze them, but this should only be done if you intend to use them for jam, coulis etc., because defrosted strawberries lose their lovely colour, texture and appearance.